Train Hopping

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Dedicated to those in the know and those that want to know... feel free to post locations, times, expieriences, or good website info...
Upstate NY to wherever - Looking for a partner  topic
Dirty Journals - Trainhopping/Traveling Blog  topic
Queens to Montauk -- looking for intel  topic
first timer needs to get home, orlando to seattle  topic
noob  topic
stuck  topic
San Diego train hopping  topic
Newbie looking for route from Mobile to New Orl...  topic
Hopping out from San Diego  topic
NYC/North Jersey- Looking for someone to teach ...  topic
Newbie, seriously interested in train hopping. ...  topic
I want to be a drifter/trainhopper  topic
newbie heading west to colorado from baltimore  topic
Jax to Atlanta?  topic
Portland to New Orleans  topic
West, From NYC  topic
catching out tomorrow  topic
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