hopping partner for inexperienced rider from seattle or olympia WA / meeting train hoppers in oly and seattle area

topic posted Tue, August 24, 2010 - 6:01 PM by  Riff Raff
I have never ridden before, (aside from short little stints of hopping on freight cars and riding for a bit as a youth that can barely be counted) but have been yearning to, thinking about it, and trying to learn as much as i can about it ever since i can remember. Every time i hear a train whistle in the distance i get a feeling of intense longing to be on it, allowing it to hurtle me off into the night, to wherever it pleases and a longing for the adventures and experiences that would follow, a longing for the feeling of complete freedom and exhilaration i know it would give me. With this also comes a sense of almost anxiety and sadness at not having done it yet; desperation almost-that this is one of my hugest dreams and i that i will die before i get to do it, before i get to do the one thing i know will make me feel absolutely amazing, and feel like i am living the way i have always wanted.

I am also ALL too aware of the extreme discomfort and hardships that can and will befall you when train hopping, and the extreme danger; how it is hard to sleep with the train rumbling on the tracks under you, rattling your core, how the weather, dirt, noise, and wind can be excruciating and painful, how much waiting is involved to catch a train going the right way or a train with the right kind of cars, and how one false step when riding could mean a swift death. I know how easy it would be for the train to casually crush my little body and move on without a hitch, and how the train or anyone on it certainly does not care if i live or die.

I know how much common sense, courage, patience, resilience, flexibility and toughness it takes and that nothing can prepare you for your first ride. I know all of these hardships and requirements and I WANT THEM ALL DESPERATELY, as well as everything else i need that i know train hopping would provide for me. I need this in my life and if i die before i do it i will feel completely and utterly unfulfilled and extremely sad; my soul will shrivel up and die. I am not by a long shot, some naive little pampered asshole who romanticizes train hopping as all glamorous and happy go lucky funtimes. I will be intensely happy just doing it, including the uncomfortable parts; it is one of the only things i want in life. Nothing can deter me but, i DO need help from someone who has experience and knowledge.

That being said, i would be absolutely ecstatic and eternally grateful to find a knowledgeable, experienced and kind train hopper to accompany me for my first ride, from either seattle or oly, (most realistically oly) probably to somewhere not too far away (portlandish??) since it is my first experience. It would be nice to have it happen sometime between september 13th and 27th, but if not, i would graciously welcome future prospects and definitely meeting train hoppers and transients in the oly area for knowledge, story sharing and friendship.

to all those who do, thank you so much for reading my ungodly long post and i am incredibly sorry it was so long in the first place.

thank you and peace.
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Riff Raff

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